Make a difference in animal welfare at Shelterluv

Fullstack Software Engineer

Shelterluv makes software for animal shelters. We help our customers do more adoptions, handle payments, manage foster programs, keep animals healthy with up to date medical data, and generally be more efficient. Greater than 4 million animals die each year due to population-based euthanasia, our goal is to bring that number to zero.

We are also making our first steps into the world of adopter-facing software. The goal for this new adopter-facing stack is to help people find a new pet, manage their existing pet, and increase their pet's quality of life while benefiting local shelters and providing revenue for Shelterluv. Features that fall into this category may include vaccine tracking & reminders, adoption matchmaking, pet training courses, etc.

Shelterluv is looking to add engineer #2 to the adopter-facing team. You should be comfortable in a generalist position, but willing to go deep on DevOps (Ansible), backend (Laravel 5), front end (Vue 2), iOS (Swift), or Android (Java or Kotlin).

Please email with a copy of your resume if you are interested in the position.

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